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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

We have organized many of the Frequently Asked Questions from our members. If you have any additional questions please contact us today.
Why use an internet service to locate a hunting opportunity?

  • Maximize your time and money to locate a qualified hunting opportunity without leaving your computer. For less than a tank of gas, you can have access to the most comprehensive database of hunting opportunities in Texas.

Why would a landowner list with TexasLeaseConnection.com?

  • We have the most extensive database, the easiest format to advertise and the most in-depth profiling system.
  • Listings can include photosView Sample
  • TexasLeaseConnection.com has a “Just Reduced” section to help move hunting opportunities quickly while identifying discounted opportunities to members.

Who joins TexasLeaseConnection.com?

  • Hunters who are looking to maximize their efforts and quickly locate a hunting opportunity that exactly matches their profile.

Why use our service vs. others?

  • TexasLeaseConnection.com utilizes your custom profile to effectively connect you with opportunities.
  • We keep our database current by having our listings verified for resubmission periodically.
  • TexasLeaseConnection.com allows our landowners to include photos in their listings to increase their effectiveness.
  • TexasLeaseConnection.com provides members the opportunity to allow other members to access their profiles if they choose this option. This feature assists in locating hunters that have similar interest or to fill incomplete hunting parties.

Do our listings include photos?

  • Yes, we encourage both our landowners and members to include photos to illustrate their opportunities and past successes.

Can you find additional hunters on our site?

  • Yes, our service allows our members to search other willing members’ profiles to find new hunting partners or to fill extra spots on a lease. This function of our site is a voluntary option that each member can choose to be included in the members’ directory section of TexasLeaseConnection.com.

Is the transaction safe?

  • Yes, we utilize Plug and Pay’s secure e-commerce processing to ensure that your transactions are safe and secure.

How often are you emailed updates?

  • TexasLeaseConnection.com will not fill up your e-mail with useless opportunities that do not match your ideal profile. We will however, immediately send you an e-mail notification when a new hunting opportunity is entered that matches your ideal profile.

How do we keep our listings current?

  • We send each listing agent an email asking for an update of their listing after 21 days. If the opportunity is still available they can resubmit it or lower the price and enter it into our “Just Reduced” section.

When will your membership go into effect?

  • Immediately upon signing up and completing the simple registration and payment process. You will enter a username and password and then you will have access to the most extensive and searchable hunting opportunity database available.

How detailed can you search?

  • Why waste your time by searching only by region, species or county when you can take your search to the next level by increasing the specificity of your search criteria. TexasLeaseConnection.com allows you to filter the hunting opportunities by miles from zip code, $/Acre, $/hunter, County, Lease Type, Weapons, Amenities, Region, Number of Hunters, Types of Game and Acreage.

Why is profiling important in an internet based lease locating service?

  • With the large number of listings it can become cumbersome to qualify each listing in a particular region or county when our database can narrow the opportunities instantly so that you can focus you efforts on listings that exactly match all of your criteria. TexasLeaseConnection.com allows you to be as specific or vague as you would like to be in your search for your perfect hunting opportunity.

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Central Texas 212
South Texas 349
East Texas 81
North Texas 100
Panhandle 88
West Texas 246
Other TX Leases 65
Total 1141

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